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La Figure Humaine catalogue'La Figure Humaine'
exhibition catalogue, 60 pages, 20 x 20cm, softback.
Contains 27 illustrations, introductory essay by Conor Walton in English and French, produced to accompany exhibition at Gallerie L'Oeil du Prince, Paris, 2015. Autographed (dedication by request).
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'The Enemies of Progress' catalogue
The Enemies of Progress
Exhibition catalogue, 56 pages, 24 x 16.5cm, softback.
Contains 55 illustrations, introductory essay by John Seed, interview with Conor Walton by John Seed, produced to accompany exhibition at CK Contemporary, San Francisco, USA, in 2015.
Selling out, limited availability.
Autographed (dedication by request).
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Asymmetrical Warfare exhibition catalogue
'Asymmetrical Warfare' Catalogue
Catalogue from Conor Walton's exhibition at the Luan Gallery in 2019.
32 pages, 16 x 23.4cm, softback, 19 images, introductory essay by renowned art critic Donald Kuspit, four short explanatory essays by Conor Walton. Selling out, limited availability.
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Autographed (dedication by request).
(Price includes postage)