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News 2019

'The Man Who Sold The Moon' at Arcadia Contemporary, USA

August 17th 2019

Conor Walton's painting 'The Man Who Sold The Moon' was exhibited at Arcadia Contemporary's annual 'Five and Under' exhibition in Pasadena, California and sold to renowned Hollywood director and producer Joss Whedon.

'The Man Who Sold The Moon' at Arcadia Contemporary

Conor Walton: Asymmetrical Warfare

'Asymmetrical Warfare' opens at Luan Gallery

August 17th 2019

Conor Walton's exhibition 'Asymmetrical Warfare' opened to acclaim on August 17th, with distiguished Irish artist and designer Robert Ballagh as guest speaker. A catalogue with introductory essay by renowned American critic Donald Kuspit has been published to accompany the exhibition which you can read here. The exhibition will run until October 13th and will feature several events over the duration, including an 'ask the artist' event on September 14th and a portrait drawing marathon on Culture Night, September 20th. Further details:

Carmel Duffy, Manager says:
“We are thrilled to present the work of Irish artist Conor Walton at Luan Gallery. We are delighted to bring the work of this this internationally recognised artist to the audience of the Midlands municipal gallery. It is such an honour to be able to show Walton's works, which have been shown and bought from museums and galleries across the world from the National Gallery of Ireland to the Winchester Museum UK, in a space of equal standing here in Athlone”.

“The phrase 'Asymmetrical Warfare' in a way sums up my career and approach to painting and culture, but has particular relevance to my current work because this deals explicitly with cultural conflict, with the crises of our times – political, ecological, financial, cultural and moral – and the warped perspectives that ensue.”

Walton has impacted artists, critics and historians on both sides of the Atlantic. Donald Kuspit, American art critic and art historian widely regarded as the foremost practitioner of psychoanalytic art criticism has stated: 

“Walton's pictures are loaded with connotations – he is an educated artist, his art is more than'self-expression', a major example of what I have called the new objectivism (whatever traces of the old subjectivism linger in his atmospheric handling) – giving them an inner resonance and depth that the Pop Art he utilizes lacks, confirming that his works, with their disturbingly enlightened skepticism (or is that cynicism?) are High Art.”

Luan Gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday from 11.00 – 17.00 and Sundays 12.00 – 17.00. The gallery is closed on Mondays. Guided tours are free of cost and available on request to all.

You can see the opening speeches and a brief video tour of the exhibition here.

Luan Gallery, Asymmetrical Warfare opening
Luan Gallery director Carmel Duffy speaking at the opening of 'Asymmetrical Warfare'

Luan Gallery, Asymmetrical Warfare opening
Guests listen to Robert Ballagh at the opening of 'Asymmetrical Warfare' at Luan Gallery

Conor Walton and Robert Ballagh
Conor Walton and Robert Ballagh

Asymmetrical Warfare at Luan Gallery

Conor Walton and Jennifer Balkan

Conor Walton opens Jennifer Balkan exhibition

July 6th 2019

Conor Walton was privileged to be guest speaker at the opening of American artist Jennifer Balkan's exhibition 'The Human Condition' at the Chimera Gallery in Mullingar, Ireland.

Based in Texas, this is Jennifer's first international solo show, and Conor was delighted to be able to offer her support.

"Creating emotionally based psychological narratives, Jennifer Balkan paints the figures that are completely implemented into the background, using the bright colors and invasive brushstrokes to express the detail. She aims to capture emotional state, to represent the inner feeling through outer expression or body movement. Exploring human profiles, Balkan approaches her characters from the aspects of psychology and sociology. Painting the model, she imagines that build up layers from the core to the final surface of the skin. Expressing the personal concept, Balkan has always been inspired by woman appearance who are the main characters in her work. Recently she started to paint in series, presenting her closest friends and family."

The show was reviewed by Niall MacMonagle in the Irish Independent here.



Conor Walton and Conor Dowling with
'Two Lovers' at King House, Boyle

Conor Walton speaks at Boyle Arts Festival

July 27th, 2019

Conor Walton was a guest speaker at this year's Boyle Arts Festival, giving a presentation on the subject of his most recent body of work, 'Asymmetrical Warfare'. The talk attracted a capacity crowd, and the festival organisors kindly arranged for Conor's painting 'Two Lovers' (part of the Boyle Civic Collection) to be displayed outside the auditorium in King House. One of Conor's still life paintings was also on display as part of the main festival exhibition.

Boyle Arts Festival is a 10 day annual event. It is highly regarded for its visual arts, with well-established as well as young and emerging talent featuring in the main exhibition. Works by some of the very best contemporary painters and sculptors in Ireland are included. Boyle Arts Festival is also renowned for its programme of classical music with concerts by young and established soloists, ensembles and choirs. Other areas catered for each year include local art exhibitions, jazz, traditional and world music, drama, literature, storytelling and singers nights, comedy, workshops and programmes for children.


Conor Walton's drawing 'Oscar', part of 'Put Yourself
in the Picture' exhibition at Dublin Castle

Conor Walton's child portraits feature in exhibition at Dublin Castle

June 14th, 2019

An exhibition celebrating the children of Ireland was opened by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone TD at Dublin Castle. Called 'Put Yourself In the Picture' and part of Right Here! Right Now! The Ark's Festival of Children, it features 146 portaits of children by artists Conor Walton, Gabhann Dunne, Blaise Smith, Sahoko Kasuga Blake, Dorothy Smith, Cian McLoughlin, Vera Klute, Alison Pilkington, Kathy Tynan, Pj Lynch, Una Sealy and Brian Maguire commissioned by The Ark, a cultural centre for children, since 2016.

Right Here Right Now! is supported by the Creative Ireland Programme's National Creativity Fund and is part of of Cruinniú na nÓgCruinniú na nÓgis an initiative of the Creative Ireland Programme and the local authorities, supported by RTE. The Creative Ireland Programme is an all-of-Government culture-based initiative to place creativity at the centre of public policy.


Below: exhibiting artists at Dublin Castle

'Put Yourself in the Picture' exhibiting artists at Dublin Castle

Conor draws WMS students

June 11, 2019

Once again Conor Walton has drawn the graduating 6th class at Wicklow Montessori School. Each portrait took about an hour and you can see a video of the process here. All proceeds go to support the school.

Wicklow Montessori students with Conor Walton's class portrait

GO WILD! curated by Conor Walton

GO WILD! opens at Gormleys Fine Art

June 7th, 2019

'GO WILD!', an exhibition of international figurative art curated by Conor Walton, a collaboration with Poets&Artists Magazine, opened at Gormleys Fine Art in Dublin with nine artists in attendance. The show features major works by Adam Miller, Martin Witfooth and Susannah Martin and runs in Dublin until June 27th, then moving to Belfast until August 6th.

Exhibiting artists: Cynthia Sitton, Alex Callaway, Linda Tracey Brandon, Claudia Kaak, Dáire Lynch, Dana Hawk, F Scott Hess, Denise Fulton, Melissa Hefferlin, Adam Miller, Luke Hillestad, Molly Judd, Steven DaLuz, Susannah Martin, Mark Heine, John Hyland, Jon Johnson, Julyan Davis, Marc Scheff, Charlene Mosley, Nicole Alger, Rachel Linnemeier, Sarah Marie Lacy, Serena Potter, Shawn Sullivan, Teresa Brutcher, Tina Garrettt, Martin Wittfooth, Peter Zokosky, Brooke Walker, Alex J Dewars, Belinda Eaton, Daniela Warneck, Francien Krieg, Jan Esmann, Timothy Robert Smith, James Needham.

Conor's 'GO WILD!' introductory essay in Poets & Artists Magazine.
You can see a video of Conor's opening speech here.
An interview with Conor about the show in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.

GO WILD! artists
Artists Molly Judd, Rachel Linnemeier, Serena Potter, Cynthia Sitton, F Scott Hess, Teresa Brutcher, Dáire Lynch, Steven Da Luz and Conor Walton

Conor Walton at RHA

May 19th, 2019

Conor's painting 'Then we upon our Globe's last verge shall go' featured in the 189th Royal Hibernian Academy's annual exhibition, the largest and most comprehensive open-submission exhibition of Irish art.

Conor Walton at RHA

Portrait Demo at Oxford University

5 May 2019

Oxford University Arts Society invited Conor to demonstrate his painting techniques, painting a portrait of student Lucy Li Chenhui over four hours. You can see a timelapse video of the process here

Conor Walton portrait demo at Oxford University

Conor Walton 'artist in residence' at CLU

April 20th, 2019

California Lutheran University hosted Conor Walton for a three week artists residency, during which he set up studio on campus in the William Rolland Art Center, painting portraits and still lifes, teaching students and demonstrating techniques. Below he demonstrates painting techniques with a group of CLU students.

Conor Walton painting Amanda Theis

Conor Walton gives painting demo at TRAC 2019

April 4th, 2019

The Representational Art Conference (TRAC) took place this year in Ventura, California, March 31st - April 4th and was attended by leading figures from the representational art world and beyond, with keynote speakers including artists Roger Dean and Z.S. Liang, Vermeer expert Tim Jenison, educator and founder of the Da Vinci Institute Amanda Theis, curator Joseph Bravo and TRAC founder Michael Pearce.

Domonstration artists included sculptors Brian Booth Craig and Alicia N. Ponzio and painters Pamela Wilson, Teresa Oaxaca, Boris Vallejo, Virgil Elliott and Julie Bell. Conor Walton gave a four-hour painting demonstration with an oil portrait of Amanda Theis. He also delivered a paper on 'Early modern solutions to the problem of imagination'.

Among the highlights of the 2019 conference and associated events weas 'The Illusionists' exhibition curated by Michael Pearce at the Blackboard Gallery, Camarillo, featuring work by Roger Dean, Boris Vallejo, F Scott Hess, Pamela Wilson, Regina Jacobson, Julie Bell and Conor Walton, whose picture 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' made its debut in the show.

Another highlight was a major exhibition by Rigoberto Alonso Gonzalez, 'Border Paintings' curated by Joseph Bravo at the William Rolland Gallery.

"The Representational Art Conference is the most important art conference in the United States, and the world, in support of representational art, an art grounded in attention to objective reality, with no sacrifice of attention to emotional reality. In his dubious Solomonic wisdom Kandinsky separated them, resulting in the elevation of abstraction over representation. The pressing issue of art since then has been their reconciliation, for one without the other makes for a radically incomplete art. The many representational artists the conference serves show the way to their reconciliation."
- art critic Donald Kuspit

Michael Pearce speaking at 'The Illusionists' show
Michael Pearce speaking at 'The Illusionists' exhibition.

F Scott Hess and 'The History of Art'
F Scott Hess and his masterpiece 'The History of Art' at 'The Illusionists', Camarillo, California.

Joseph Bravo painted by Pamela Wilson
Joseph Bravo painted by Pamela Wilson

Balacera en Reynosa by Rigoberto Gonzalez
'Balacera en Reynosa' by Rigoberto Alonso Gonzalez at the William Rolland Gallery

Boris Vallejo, Roger Dean, Conor Walton, Michael Pearce and Julie Bell at TRAC 2019