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Conor Walton: Social Surrealist by Donald Kuspit
Conor Walton: Social Surrealist by Donald Kuspit
The 'Bread and Butter' Paintings of Conor Walton by Joseph Bravo
Asymmetrical Warfare essay by Conor WaltonAsymmetrical Warfare
'Novus Ordo Seclorum' essay by Conor WaltonNovus Ordo Seclorum
The New Religion
An Ape's Limbs Compared to Man's
'Preaching to the Converted' EssayPreaching to the Converted
The Key
Bunch of Grapes
Monkey Painting
Still Life with Judgement
Still Life with Taste EssayStill Life with Taste
Earth-Moon Distance
The Lesson
Et in Arcadia Nos
A Dying Art Essay A Dying Art
Allegory of Wisdom
Fruit Picker
Fossil Portrait Essay Fossil Portrait
Some Thoughts on Still Life
Happy Days
Shelter Portraits
The Battle of the Ancients & the Moderns
Philosophical Painting
Centaur EssayCentaur Essay
'Old Adam' EssayOld Adam
Robert Ballagh and Conor WaltonRobert Ballagh's Speech at the opening of 'Asymmetrical Warfare'
ConorWalton: The Artist as an Enemy of Progress by John Seed
Access to Incandescence: Interview with Andres Orlowski, Combustus Magazine
Contemplating Higher Things
Interview with John Seed for the Huffington Post
ConorWalton: Pessimism, Painting and the Incandescent Spark
James Waller West Cork Review
Conor Walton: The Painters Way
John Dalton
Bruce Arnold's Essay
Gemma Tipton's Essay
John Mardirosian's Essay
Martin Walton's Essay