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Professor Diarmuid Shanley
Professor Diarmuid Shanley, oil on linen, 2018, collection of Trinity College Dublin

Commission artwork by Conor Walton

The artist can be commissioned to produce many types of work, including portraits, murals and site-specific works, book or album covers, figure paintings and mythological works, landscapes, still life paintings, drawings and many more.

Conor’s commissioned works can be found in many public and private collections in Ireland and the UK, and his work has featured on book covers and postage stamps in Ireland and abroad.

Commission a portrait

When executing commissioned portraits Conor usually paints directly from life and requires several sittings. For large portraits a preliminary study is sometimes completed before the final painting is executed.

The canvas is typically placed beside the sitter so that the final image will be life size. The artist attempts to capture, not just a truthful likeness, but an impression of the physical presence of the sitter.

For additional information, or if you would like to commission a portrait or other type of painting, please contact the artist.