Neoprimitive Narcissus

February 23, 2022 0 By admin
'Neoprimitive Narcissus' by Conor Walton

At the top of this painting, in the far distance, a rocket is launching into space. Two figures in the middle distance observe. Most of the picture is taken up with a naked figure ignoring this scene, crouched with his bum in the air, gazing at his own murky reflection in a pool of water. The contrast is between outer and inner worlds: knowledge of and power over external nature (represented by the rocket) versus the quest for knowledge of self, the unsolved mysteries of the naked human animal.

Painting cannot compete with the sophistication and physical power of our advanced technologies, but it can, I think, expose the human animal, its inner life, bringing us closer to knowledge of self and species.

‘Neoprimitive Narcissus’ oil on linen, 125 x 75cm, 2010